" You live through ... that little piece of time that is

yours, but that piece of time is not only your own life,

it is the summing-up of all the others lives that

are simultaneous with yours. It is, in other words, History, and what you are is an expression of History."

- Robert Penn Warren

Thank you for your interest in Peace of Time Wellness. We are a collaboration of dedicated individuals for integrated holistic approaches to healing.

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The Mind-Body Connection

Over the past decades there has been great research surrounding the integration of the mind and body. Researchers are finding that the brain as well as the body are more integrated than once thought and the finding is that both the body and mind must be addressed for overall healing to occur.

Peace of Time was created from individuals established in their respective fields finding barriers to individual treatments alone. Through conversations, the idea for this practice was born and the need for this practice understood. After years of development, Peace of Time Wellness was established.

Peace of Time Wellness services are focused on adverse experiences and our modalities are centered around adverse experience healing and stress management. 

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