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Yoga has been highly research over the past decades. Research has shown the effects of practicing yoga have a direct correlation to mental wellness. Peace of Time Wellness offers small group yoga classes focused on restorative models.

Weekly virtual classes are offered. Classes alternate each week between slow-flow yoga and trauma-informed yoga. All virtual classes are free to attend. Register on our events page or by calling!

Quarterly in-person slow-flow yoga is offered on site. These classes have a limited number of participants. Preregistration is required and closes 2 hours before the start of class. Register on our events page or by calling!


Yoga at Peace of Time Wellness
Slow Flow Yoga

Slow Flow yoga classes are a way for folks to become comfortable with yoga and the practice of yoga to reap the benefits yoga has to offer. Peace of Time Wellness will also offer introductory yoga workshops and closed yoga groups throughout the year.

Trauma-Informed Yoga

Peace of Time Wellness will be offering Trauma-Informed Yoga on Thursday nights. This model is a mindful movement yoga focused on providing a safe space to experience the restorative and healing aspects of yoga. All are welcome to attend!

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