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Therapeutic Massage Services

There has been much research surrounding the topic of the mind-body connection. The body is made up of many interwoven systems. These systems function interdependently as we move through life. Our experiences as well as how we interpret our world impact not only our mental/emotional health, but also our physical health. Peace of Time Wellness offers massage services to promote body wellness from the effects of our experience in life. Beyond promoting overall wellness in the body, massage has many other direct benefits in the body. Massage is more than a service for relaxation, it is an avenue for the body to release the experiences of life we hold in the body.

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What We Offer

Target Massage - 30 Minutes; $52

A combination of techniques during 30 minutes that is focused on one troublesome area of the body.

Swedish - 60 or 90 Minutes; $82 & $112

Medium pressure massage that incorporates stretching to help with relaxation and improve circulation.

Deep Tissue - 60 or 90 Minutes; $97 & $127

Deeper pressure massage that helps with chronic and acute injuries. In addition to the benefits of a lighter pressure massage, deep tissue massage will improve range of motion.

Myofascial Release - 90 or 120 minutes; $142 & $182

Deepest technique Peace of Time offers. It utilizes active stretching to open the fascia that hardens from life experiences and promotes improved posture in addition to the above modality benefits.

Prenatal - 60 Minutes; $82

This massage is offered after the first trimester of pregnancy. This massage is performed side-lying and helps to relax tense muscles from body changes.

Neural Reset Therapy - 30 Minutes; Call for details

Uses direct and indirect actions of a muscle to reset the muscle through the central nervous system. This is achieved through various movements of the body with little to no pressure and without disrobing.

Chair Massage - 10 or 20 Minutes; $1 per minute

Offered as a group event or in conjunction with other services at Peace of Time. Seated massage performed in a massage chair that does not involve disrobing. A combination of modalities primarily focused on the upper body meant as an introduction to massage and a small relief to muscles.

Couples Massage Workshop - 3 Hours; $300

Teaches couples basic massage and stretches to help relieve tension in troubled areas of the body. Couples will be guided through the techniques using demonstration and hands-on practice.

The Wellness membership is a $60 monthly massage membership that includes one hour Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage per month. Massages can be upgraded to 90 minutes for an additional $30 to the member price. Memberships include a 15% discount on additional massage services that month. Membership massages and discounts are non-transferrable, non-refundable, and can not be used toward other services or gift cards. If a massage is not used within that month it is forfeited. Limit one membership per customer.

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