Therapeutic Massage Services

There has been much research surrounding the topic of the mind-body connection. The body is made up of many interwoven systems. These systems function interdependently as we move through life. Our experiences as well as how we interpret our world impact not only our mental/emotional health, but also our physical health. Peace of Time Wellness offers massage services to promote body wellness from the effects of our experience in life. Beyond promoting overall wellness in the body, massage has many other direct benefits in the body. Massage is more than a service for relaxation, it is an avenue for the body to release the experiences of life we hold in the body.

Benefits of Massage

- Relieves effects of stress by promoting relaxation of muscle tension and stiffness.

- Provides greater joint flexibility and increases range of motion.

- Reduces blood pressure and improves circulation.

- Improves the immune system and enhances skin health.

- Helps alleviate tension headaches.

- Promotes faster healing from chronic or acute muscle injuries.

What We Offer

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