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Self-Care in the Aftermath of a Crisis

Caring for your physical and mental well-being following a crisis

In the aftermath of a significant event, there can be many effects that arise weeks to months after the event has passed. It is normal to experience a stress response following significant events. Below are possible impacts individuals may experience following crisis events.

  • Sleep and appetite changes

  • Increase anxiety or edginess

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • Fear of the events happening again

  • Changes in beliefs and attitudes

  • Changes in relationships with others

Checklist for Self-Care following stressful events

There are some ways in which we can care for ourselves following the event that are useful in managing some of these responses.

  • Having a structured routine

  • Eating healthy

  • Seeking social support from friends and family

  • Increase exercise

  • Utilizing breathing and other relaxation exercises

  • Increase self dialogue to re-frame your thinking

  • Positive activities and focusing on what you can do right now

  • Practice mindfulness

  • Say "No" when needed, to not over-extend self

  • Learn to ask for help from friends and professionals

When to seek help

A stress response is a normal reaction to significant events, it does not mean an individual is suffering from a mental illness. Each individual and community is impacted in some way from significant events and adjust in their own time. Please know that there are services to help.

  • Feeling numb/avoiding emotions or depressed mood that is lasting

  • Thoughts that create distress about the event that interrupt daily life

  • Social withdrawal even after it is safe to connect

  • Loss of interest in usually fun activities

  • Persistent worry and anxiety that seems unmanageable

Our services are focused on offering mind and body healing from difficult events and circumstances. We are here for you.

For more information on what we offer, please visit our website at or call us at 412-578-9700.

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